Copywriting & Content Writing Services

I love words. The way words are put together can make you feel happy, empowered, thoughtful or excited.

Used in the right way, words are also a powerful tool to help you sell.

I’d love to tell the story of your product, brand or service and help you build meaningful relationships with your clients and customers.

My writing style is conversational, easy-to-read and professional. I’m also a nerd for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

I’ve got the ability to write blog posts, ebooks, website copy, newsletters, emails, and more.

With qualifications in both communication and Human Resources, I’ve got a special interest in writing about HRM (conflict resolution, employment relations, goal-setting, HRIS, culture, development, succession planning, etc) but I can apply my knowledge of content writing and SEO to any field.

You can view a sample of my work by clicking this link.

Not sure what you need, or how much it costs? I’d love to have a chat with you about what we can achieve within your budget. Get in touch below to receive my limited special introductory offer.

Other Services

With more than 13 years experience in a senior human resources role, I also offer my services as a consultant to organisations seeking assistance with employment relations work (e.g. job evaluations, workplace investigations, policy development).

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